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How Game of Thrones Inspired me?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

A Song of Ice and Fire is a Series of Fictional Novels Created By George.R.R.Martin which was later made into a TV Show

Called "Game Of Thrones"

Picture Courtesy: HBO

As the name mentions, This series is mainly about Kings and Queens battling for a single throne of the fictional Continent "Westeros". The Continent was Split into 7 parts where 7 Powerful Families ruled over under the King Robert Baratheon. This review does not contain any kind of Spoilers, So safe to Read for the People who haven't watched or read GOT yet

Let's come to the actual part why GOT is so special to me.

I even got 4 tattoos based on Game of thrones ^_^

Game of Thrones taught me a very significant thing in life. People aren't who they seem to be. They seek to become allies just to stab you in the back which is ideal in Game of Thrones, Just people stabbing each other to gain power

The next thing which inspired me was the massive fiction behind the Iron Throne. No human can ever write anything this complicated but GRRM achieved the unachievable by composing this epic. An Epic beyond Imagination. The Show and The Novels has DRAGONS, I mean who doesn't love Dragons

Each time I rewatch an episode I get chills even for the simplest things. People Getting out of Death, Dragons, Sword fights, Battles taking place with cool names like "Battle of The Bastards"

In Game of Thrones, you can't retain a beloved character Even you can fall in love with the Protagonist and Hate him/her as the series falls out. Character Development is just a flawless element of Game of Thrones

Thank you for reading this article. Hope I made your day a little better. Adios

Thanks For GRRM and D.B. Weiss and David Benioff for creating this Awesome show

P.S. I'm keeping it short because this is my first Blog or Review in this Server

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